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KR Photo in CircleKarin is a full-time Trauma Healing Practitioner (traumahealing.org), a subtle yet profound healing modality that focuses on the science of the nervous system and the unlocking and releasing of trauma held in the body, mind and spirit. She has done extensive post grad studies with Dr Peter Levine, including – sexual trauma, global high, eye of the needle 1 & 2. Karin also recently assisted Dr Peter Levine in a 6day Intro to Somatic Experiencing Workshop at Omega Institute in New York.

She has recognised the link between trauma and addiction, which has resulted in her deepening more of her work into the specialist area of addiction. ( www.beyondaddiction.ca)

Karin‘s work draws from her personal life experiences, which have resulted in the healing and transformation of a traumatic life to a full and graceful one.

Karin is a practicing Kundalini yoga teacher, since completing her teacher’s training in India in 2003. She is also the founder, director and advisor to the industrial supply company which she established in 1982 (www.hdi-group.com). She is a mother to three children.

As she continues her journey of self discovery with gratitude, curiosity and compassion, she finds fulfillment in sharing her skills, experience and wisdom to bring about change in others. Her life is supported by yoga and meditation, traveling adventures, ongoing study and the awe-inspiring gift of witnessing and celebrating the miracles of healing.

+27 (0) 83 226 9834  | karinritchie3@gmail.com

Dear Karin As the Himalaya team, we would like take this opportunity to relay our heartfelt gratitude for a fun-filled Yoga session you conducted during our 2017 KICKOFF Conference. Your willingness and enthusiasm to come on board at such short notice is commendable and greatly appreciated. It was a new but awesome experience for most of us, which we found to be de-stressing, relaxing and most importantly inspiring. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Keep up the good work, keep shining and keep smiling! Warm regards Chaithanya Pandith & Precious Ntonga
Working with Karin has been a revelation for me, moving my focus away from my mind / story and into the wisdom of my body has allowed me to go much deeper into self than I ever have before. I know now that the body is everything – the surface on which all experience takes place, the tool that teaches us, and the companion that walks with us on our journey. Karin has has guided me to this understanding with endless grace, love and patience. She has gently guided me, step by step into the hidden corners of self, slowly so as to ensure a lasting opening. And she has empowered me with a sensitivity to my body that will form the bedrock of my ability to navigate my life experience with awareness and compassion. This applies to past experiences and those yet to come. I am forever grateful, and know that our paths will reunite again as we dive deeper and deeper into self-knowing. Thank you Karin with all my heart xxxx lucia brain – cape town
“You still do not make use of the many opportunities given to you to unite with the divine world in order to calm yourself and recover your inner balance. And yet, you know very well that the agitation of daily life eventually weakens your nervous system. Human beings are not made to live in this constant tension that drains them of all their energies. It is not normal to run from morning to evening or to be harassed from all sides, and you eventually become worn out, both physically and psychically. Several times a day, therefore, stop for a few moments. Concentrate and try to create an atmosphere of harmony and love within you and around you. By repeating this exercise often, you will succeed in touching your higher self which will project beneficial rays into all your cells. It is thus that you will restore balance and be able to deal with all your daily tasks again.”
– Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Bulgarian mystic, author, alchemist and spiritual teacher